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The American Postal Workers Union

The American Postal Workers Union, AFL/CIO, the world's largest Postal Union, represents more than 330,000 USPS employees and retirees, and nearly 2,000 private-sector mail workers.

American Postal Unions have undergone numerous transitions up to and including the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970. The Postal Reorganization Act won members the right to bargain collectively for wages, hours and working conditions.

APWU, founded July 1, 1971 was the result of the merging of five postal unions: the United Federation of Postal Clerks, the National Postal Union, the National Association of Post Office and General Service Maintenance Employees, the National Federation of Motor Vehicle Employees and the National Association of Special Delivery Messengers.

The Detroit District Area Local represents member employees at the Detroit Main Post Office and its stations,  the Network Distribution Center (formally: Bulk Mail Center), and several 481 and 480 associate offices. We have sent numerous individuals from this Local to both National and Regional positions. Detroit represents strong union affiliation. We will strive to ward off anti-union sentiment and move ahead to strengthen the position of future generations.

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